ISSUE NO. 69 10/24/12

Think New Year's is the only time of year for resolutions? Well, think again. It turns out 76% of mothers think of going back to school as a time for a fresh start and nine in 10 moms actually make back-to-school resolutions to prepare for the new school year, according to a study conducted by Global Customer Insights and Analytics on behalf of Walmart. The resolutions range from the most common one of "saving money" (75%) to getting their families to "eat healthier" (61%). In addition, 78% of moms say that this is the year they will master the myriad details of back-to-school planning and get organized.

In light of these findings, Walmart has launched a new online tool called "Classrooms by Walmart", an online compilation of thousands of classroom supply lists from schools all over the nation. The tool helps moms get organized by making it possible to find out what their kids need and immediately order their supplies, either online or at their local brick-and-mortar Walmart locations.
"For the moms who shop our stores, back-to-school isn't just about checking items off their lists. It's about a fresh start, changing routines and getting children ready with products that match their personalities and budgets," noted Duncan Mac Naughton, chief merchandising officer, Walmart U.S., in a press release. "We're committed to setting our customers up for success this back-to-school season by sticking to our plan – offering everyday low prices and the broadest assortment of the right merchandise their families need."

Walmart is excellent at leveraging shopper insights to come up with new solutions-focused initiatives. Case in point, turning itself into a clearinghouse for school supply lists from all over the country is a smart way for Walmart to break out of the vendor role and to become more of a partner to its shoppers. The key here is that the retailer created a concrete, actionable solution to a real source of stress. It doesn't hurt that the solution can be implemented in all 50 states, in-store or online. So, continue to look for the opportunities to solve something for your shoppers and, in doing so, turn your brand into valuable and valued resource.

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"Walmart Study Finds Back-to-School Season Marks the New Year for Moms – Press Release," Walmart Help, 7/18/12

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