ISSUE NO. 66 06/20/12

Hispanic women shoppers are the ones marketers should keep an eye on, according to WSL/Strategic Retail's report, "How America Shops MegaTrends," for they are the most proactive shopper segment in terms of searching for deals across all channels. When compared to Caucasian and African American women shoppers, Hispanic women are more actively employing money-saving strategies via mobile devices, coupons, online searches, dollar stores and deep discount retailers, by about 10 percentage points.

As reported in Progressive Grocer, WSL/Strategic Retail found that more than half (54%) only buy items that are on sale while nearly 2 in 3 (63%) would travel to another store to save money. Fifty-three percent make it a point to search online before going shopping. In addition:
• Nearly 60% of Hispanic women use apps to search for the lowest price
• 53% are using their mobile devices in the store to find electronic coupons, sales and discount codes
• 75% are using traditional coupons to get the lowest sale price‚Ä®
• 43% will buy a pre-owned product if it lets them get a brand that they couldn't afford new
"Hispanic women are an important population to watch as early adopters of the future of shopping," said Candace Corlett, president of WSL/Strategic Retail. "To achieve the American Dream of having it all, Hispanic women shop more creatively than other demographics, utilizing every savings opportunity to get what their families need at the lowest price."

It wasn't that long ago when marketers thought of Hispanic shoppers as an afterthought, so the research's finding that Hispanic women are leading the way is quite interesting and may call for a subtle reprioritization of how we market to them. Also, this data reminds us that, like when marketing to the general population, we can't lump Hispanic men and women together. Remember, the key to understanding this proactive group is understanding that while Latinas love to look great and care very much about the impressions they make, they are also very intent on saving their family money. And they aren't shy about finding good deals. To inspire and influence the future of shopping, keep Hispanic women shoppers in your sights.

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"Hispanic Women Leverage Various Tools for Best Deals: Study," Progressive Grocer, 6/7/12
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