ISSUE NO. 66 06/20/12

Marketers are still learning when it comes to mobile marketing and P&G is no exception. In an analysis by Mobile Commerce Daily's Lauren Johnson, P&G's cosmetic brand CoverGirl gets points for attempting to use SMS messages to build loyalty but misses the bull's eye. Though the cosmetics brand sends out mobile texts approximately twice a month, the messages tend to be vague, e.g., "look for coupons in newspapers" and don't include a direct call-to-action. For example, a recent text sent to consumers in the CoverGirl SMS database read, "Coupon alert! Get $1 off any CoverGirl product plus $3 off any two. Check your paper this Sunday for your coupon. U.S. residents only." Note the message sent on a Friday for a Sunday offer and it wasn't clear which newspapers were participating. So not only were shoppers forced to wait two days before they could act on the offer, there was inherent confusion as to the source of the offer, both of which can result in a strong drop-off rate.

For every message lacking an immediate, direct call-to-action in the form of a coupon or a coupon code with a link to a mobile web site or for redemption in-store, P&G is missing a prime opportunity to increase engagement and conversion, according to Jess Hasen, CMO at Hipcricket. Another very compelling benefit of a direct call-to-action is the ability to measure the success of the campaign, something P&G can't do directly with the way its offers are set up now. Finally, the SMS messages could even be used to build the brand's social media relationships by providing "like" or "follow" buttons.
"Consumer-packaged-goods brands are a great fit for mobile loyalty programs because they generally sell products that consumers buy often and have a lot of completion in the market," Mr. Hasen told Mobile Commerce Daily.
The promise of mobile marketing is great but the learning curve is still steep. Even a marketing powerhouse like P&G hasn't quite mastered the channel, though the fact that the CPG company is regularly reaching out via mobile is noteworthy and reflects an understanding of the audience. In your efforts to reach your shoppers via SMS messages, take this analysis to heart. Offer your shoppers a way to react immediately to offers by providing direct calls-to-action.
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"How Procter & Gamble's CoverGirl Could Improve Its Mobile Coupon Program," Mobile Commerce Daily, 6/7/12, search for "CoverGirl."
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